What material is the hanky made of?

Our hankies are made of 100% combed cotton. Combed cotton is softer than regular cotton because it doesn't have any impurities or short protruding threads, and it is stronger than regular cotton because the combing process removes short fibers, which are prone to breakage. After combing, the straightened fibers join together more tightly, leading to less fraying and unravelling. Combed cotton is soft to the touch, is highly absorbent.

What size is the hanky?

Our adult hankies are 40x40cm. Our junior hankies are 25x25cm.

Where are the hankies made?

Our hankies are produced in Shanghai, China.

How are the hankies printed?

Our hankies are printed using MIMAKI Digital Inkjet technology from Japan. Mimaki has led the way in making UV inkjet printing more environmentally sustainable.

Mimaki helps to increase adoption of eco-friendly print-on-demand strategies. Printable fabric size is customisable and this helps customers reduce excessive inventories and associated waste by printing only what’s needed. Inkjet printing also eliminates the need for printing plates and the associated chemistry, water, and energy consumption required for conventional printing processes. In addition, since ink is applied only to image areas, inkjet printing uses less ink than conventional printing processes and does not require cleaning of ink wells and associated disposal of ink waste.

Why is Mimaki printing better for the environment?

Historically, solvent inks have been used because of their durability and resistance to deterioration. However, solvent inks emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that result in odors and release of high-burden chemical substances such as cyclohexanone into the atmosphere. To address this issue, Mimaki was the first to develop an inkjet printer and low-odor solvent ink in 2002. In 2008, they created of a new eco-solvent ink, Eco-HS1, which reduces the environmental burden without sacrificing ink adhesion. With cleaner and more environmentally sound inks and lower (or avoided) VOC emission, these solutions reduce harmful toxics, CO2 footprint, energy consumption, and waste.

Another highlight of Mimaki Inkjet technology is its print durability due to its ability to print direct-to-fabric with reactive dye inks which yield excellent wash and light fastness.

Can I have customised designs for my hankies?

Yes you can! Click here for more information. You can also contact us at hello@hankybuddies.com

Postage + Delivery

Do I need to pay for postage when returning a defective hanky?

No, Hanky Buddies will take care of the postage.

How long do I have to wait to receive my hankies once payment has been made?

This ranges from 2 - 7 working days, depending on which country you are based in.

What mailing options are available for my order?

Hanky Buddies currently uses Ninja Van to mail out orders. Please allow 2 – 7 working days for your order to reach you once they have been mailed out.

Orders above $40 are eligible for free delivery within Singapore.

Hanky Buddies will not be held liable for any lost parcels / damaged items.
Please give an allowance of up to four weeks for any lost mail to be returned to Hanky Buddies.

Can I choose to self-collect my orders?

Self-collection is not available.

What should I do if I have entered an incorrect mailing address?

Please contact us immediately (hello@hankybuddies.com) after you have placed your order for assistance. If your order has not yet been shipped, we will assist you in amending your mailing address. However, if your order has already been mailed out, we will be unable to change your mailing address.

Mails may be returned to us if an incorrect mailing address has been provided. In these cases, customers will bear the cost for the order to be mailed out again.

To avoid delays or lost mail, please ensure your mailing address is correct.

Return + Refunds

Can I get a refund on my hankies?

No, we do not offer refunds. Only defective hankies can be returned and exchanged.

What should I do with my defective hanky?

A request for exchange must be made through email to info@hankybuddies.com within 14 days of receiving your order. Please include your order number and a photo of the defect. Once this request has been authorised, please mail the hanky back to us at a specified address. Hankies must be returned unused and unwashed. No refunds will be authorised for defective products.