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MAKING hankies cool again

Since 2018, Hanky Buddies has been trying to protect and save our trees by making hankies cool again. By bringing back the hanky, we know we can cut down on one-time tissue usage. It just takes an open mind and a little commitment.


Our colourful hankies come in a variety of hip and fresh designs, making it very fun and easy to go green.

#DitchTheTissue and join us as we band together to do our bit to save the planet one hanky at a time.


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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#DitchTheTissue And Save The Trees

Our mission to reduce tissue and paper waste is more important than ever, the pandemic is driving an increase in paper waste generated from online shopping and food deliveries. 

According to the National Environment Agency, paper and cardboard waste was the largest waste stream in Singapore in 2020, increasing by 13 per cent from 1.01 to 1.14 million tonnes just in a year. Recycling rate also fell by 44 percent, with collection drives and programs being curbed for safety reasons due to the pandemic. 

Be a buddy and start using a hanky today!
Stacked Wooden Logs

who are we?

Hanky Buddies is a passion project by two aspiring eco-warrior from Singapore. The duo brings together their expertise in marketing communications and creative design, to launch an eco-movement by making hankies cool again.

our story

Limay and Ivy were in a bar while travelling in Bali, (remember travelling?) shooting the breeze and lamenting about how the world can be a better place. After a few more cocktails, the buddies came up with this project, a fun way to tackle a serious waste issue, one hanky at a time.

the ORIGINAL buddies


IVY | marketing

Ivy knows everybody who's anybody. She knows how to tell the story and who to tell it to. But after a few drinks, she tells the same story to just about anybody who will listen.


Limay | designer

Limay is half city chick,  half hippie-wannabe. She lives in a countryside of China with her husband, son and cat, often roaming the mountains looking for inspiration and mushrooms.




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Let's save the planet one hanky at a time.
We're making hankies cool again!
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